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Electronic component marketing, technical consulting. Product categories: photoelectric products, embedded solution, semiconductor, integrated circuit IC, circuit protection, passive components, connectors, mechanical and electrical products, sensors, thermal management products, power supply, test and measurement.

Shenzhen Jin Jiarui electronic co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Jin Jiarui) was established in the turn of the century,Is a large, professional electronic components agency distribution agency,Electronic components marketing and technology consulting, information and other high-tech enterprises。Have many years of components marketing and marketing experience,Headquartered in huaqiangbei business center, the company has several sub-organizations。The company always aims to adhere to the original packaging, quality assurance, vision harmony, integrity for the enterprise life; Customer focus and 45 days of unconditional return。

    The company has a high technology, high-quality talent team,Customer service at any time。Agent distribution TI, ON, IR, MAXM, AD, XILINX and more than 400 international famous brand chips,Customers are in many fields such as automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, military, aerospace, precision instrument, security, home appliance, communication network and industrial control.